About us

The story behind KALO TECHNOLOGIES

Kalo Technologies was founded on the basis of creating accessibility for enterprise software. We our roots come from helping small business during the pandemic to overcome many technical hurdles.

Providing technical solutions to businesses of any size is our goal.

Our values

The values that shape everything we do

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We will plan every step our Business Tree with you.
Our in house engineers, designers, and marketers are
ready to work with you.

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Take lowercase

Our internal management teams are structured
with a collaboration first mentality.

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Move like a startup

We are bootstrapped startup and scale with you!
Our financial models help us monitor and scale your growth
with our team's full investment of time.

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Team work

Our multi-department teams allow you to experience an expert
driven project with each team member contributing with their
best foot forward.

Our office

New York, USA

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Start rooting your business tree today