John Kent Jaman

John Kent Jaman

Sales Executive

About John Kent Jaman

My name is John Kent, I was born in the Philippines but raised in Queens. I fell in love with the city and
the sports teams specifically the Knicks. Queens being the most diverse city in the world, I was exposed
to a lot of cultures. I think my favorite part growing up was having culture nights where everyone
brought their favorite food to school and shared them with the class. Similarly now, as an adult, I love
the occasional food dive; walking around the city and looking for new places to eat, trying out different
cuisines. During the pandemic, I saw a lot of my favorite restaurants close due to rising costs, at the
same time I found a way I could help these restaurants by utilizing my new job at the time which was
merchant services. Being able to serve these restaurants so I can enjoy my favorite foods became a
mission for me. One thing led to another I reached out and began working with my best friends Deepak
and Kevin to be able to provide the best service possible while being affordable and flexible.

Past experience

  • CC POS
    -Sales Executive